Pere Marquette trout – 12/15/12

What do they call these things?…oh yeah, trout


this resident was definitely an early Christmas gift!

Had the pleasure of fishing an entire day w/out any preconditions.   Good friend John and I spent the day probing some new water on the PM for winter trout.  What a blast!  The conditions were surreal and the fishing was good.  Picking our way though the many pockets and runs well suited for winter trout we found many takers and were occasionally gifted a shot at a real nice fish.  We fished a number of nymph patterns but found a #18-#20 blackfly larvae to be the most productive.  Other flies of note were brassies, small winter stones, scuds, and sow bugs.  While the water is quite different on the PM than on the MO solid winter nymphing skills proved to be effective when applied.  Don’t miss out on this magical time of year!

Jay Allen, guide