Muskegon River Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing

Each summer, smallmouth bass move up the Muskegon River to feed on its prolific crayfish and bait fish. Our clients readily see the fish in the clear water and watch them aggressively take the fly – sometimes with two or more other smallmouth competing with the hooked fish to snatch away the fly.


(June – September)

We cope with the heat of summer by getting on the water shortly after sunrise. The air is cool, the fish active, and the atmospherics unmatched. Virtually no one is on the river, except for our ospreys, eagles, herons, ducks, deer, and turkeys. We quietly float the river, positioning our casting fishermen in the front and rear of the boat over promising lies. Whether fishing a half day or full day float, summer bass fishing is most gratifying and pleasant.

Muskegon River smallmouth bass are taken on streamers stripped with sink tip lines, and on poppers fished with floating lines. Running up to five pounds, Muskegon River bronzebacks are superbly conditioned and therefore fight hard and long. Fortunately, these fine sporting fish are beginning to get the attention they have long deserved. In short, we RiverQuest guides cannot recommend these summer floats highly enough. This Muskegon River fly fishing experience is excellent in every way. Give fly fishing for smallies a try, and you’ll be back for more.