Melissa & Mickey

Today I was joined by Melissa & Mickey Morenings who made the trek up from Bristol, VA for some fall king fishing. While the weather was a little dreary the company definitely was not! With spirits high throughout the day Mickey found his grove early and kept it up throughout the day bringing numerous kings, trout and steelhead to hand. Melissa had it a bit more difficult bringing a fish to hand, she even sacrificed her half of a “double” just before lunch. (You would have thought the trip was an anniversary gift for Mickey).  Melissa did get it done before the end of the day, it was so entertaining to watch her excitement and fish handling skills that even Capt. Don, who was heading for the ramp, stopped to watch and cheer her on. (Sorry for the fuzzy picture Melissa, I was laughing to hard to keep the camera steady) Fishing is definitely improving every day. Fresher fish can be seen shopping for satisfactory gravel homes for their redds – don’t forget to fish the dark water! Top producing offerings today were the Antron stone, and pale yellow nuke eggs.

Capt. Dave DeVries