Manistee 10/1/09

I can’t help teasing Capt. Steve whenever I get a chance. You will notice that we had more success getting chrome to the boat than he did. Larry Wiebler who has fished with me previously with his crew from HexArmor brought out his dad Larry Sr. for a day of father/son bonding today. Once the fog lifted late in the morning it turned into the perfect fall day. Larry Sr. lit it up this morning with numerous Salmon and the beautiful Steelhead that is a harbinger of the coming weeks now that the salmon egg buffet is in full swing. It was Larry’s turn in the afternoon once he got his mojo working and dad finally let him have a chance. Clown eggs, caddis and antron bugs brought action from all species today, yes along with some chrome we also got into a few nice rainbows who were hanging around for the feast. Thanks for making my final day on the Manistee for the year a great one guys. The next reports will be from the Muskegon as we are all finally heading home!

Capt. Dave DeVries