Jackson Hole WY – 8/20/2011

Wow, after a few years away I find myself back in Jackson Hole guiding for trout sounded by the amazing Tetons. A couple of weeks ago I made a call to a couple outfitters in JH that I used to work with. Found out one of them(Rhett w/ Real Deal Anglers) was very busy and could use the help. After a few days of praying and figuring my family and I packed up the truck and towed my good friend Greg’s drift boat out to start guiding for several weeks. This is not a permanent move, just a chance to guide in a place I love and spend a bit of time with my family enjoying the end of summer. I will be back in MI in time for the fall action! I left in the slow time for trout in MI and ended up here in just the beginning of the trout season here in JH. With such a massive snowfall here last winter rivers are just now clearing and starting to fish! Hard to believe. Nonetheless, fishing is heating up and the Snake is looking great. PMD’s are starting to bring up fish and big attractors are turning up a few monsters. It is great to be back, even if it is for a short period of time.

Jay Allen – Guide