Furry Dominoes

Well day four with the Canter Group started out with a bang! Capt. Tom always says I just have to out do him. Earlier this year on this blog TK waxed poetic about starting his day off by hitting a deer, well Tom this is one you do not want the trophy for. The bang was the sound of me hitting 3 deer at one time on the way up to the river this morning, it was like watching furry dominoes collapse! Tom can vouch for the carnage as he was a few minutes behind me.

After the excitement I had the pleasure of hosting Otis & Otis today, The morning started out with plenty of action on indies and fat lines. Otis Sr. was on the board early while Otis just couldn’t buy a break. After the front started pushing through the action slowed down considerably and the guys had to work a little harder for their hook ups. Fishing continues to improve a little each day but the fish have learned the program and it is now hit and move as the fish are getting a bit spooky.

Pictured is Otis with a couple of his fish from today.

Capt. Dave DeVries