Just a short little post. I’m all settled in at the RiverQuest “headquarters” for the next few weeks, aka my cottage in Lake Ann. We are looking forward to some great fishing up here on the Big Manistee. I had the chance to sneak out for a couple hours to do a little scouting and fun fishing before things get rolling on Tuesday. While I did not bring anything to the boat, we did have a couple on and all I can say is this year is going to be very hard on gear! The salmon are in great shape and appear to be edging toward the larger size of what we have seen over the last few years. The Big Manistee is in great shape with a very nice color to it even after the rains of the past few days. I am very excited about this upcoming Salmon season, all things look like it could be a VERY good year to get out and tangle with the fish that could very well live up to it’s name this year, the King salmon.

We still have open dates for September, give us a call and come on out and join us!

Capt. Dave DeVries