When Todd thought a great birthday gift for his dad, Dale, would be an overnight at the Muskegon River Lodge with Chef Heather providing the gourmet breakfast for his family and mom and dad, I thought, “What a great idea!.”  Then, when he decided to book a float trip for him and his dad, I thought, “Even better!”  And, then, when he decided to take son Ben along, I thought, ‘Now we’re really talking.”  Indeed, he was really talking because we made a memory with a great day of fly fishing for Chinook on the Manistee.  None of the guys had waved the long rod before, but each of them had multiple hookups and brought fish to hand. Great job all ’round and terrific time.

As for the Manistee, the flow is fine, but the Saturday pressure was the heaviest I’ve witnessed in 10 years of guiding,  With other rivers down and sunny skies and temps in the low 70’s on a Saturday, the “harvesting” horde descended on the river.  Fortunately, we were able to fish downstream from the most egregious “Manistee Minnowing,” but we witnessed it big time when we moved up the river at days end.  Find fish that haven’t been terrorized by lead bullets festooned with treble hooks, though, and you stand an good chance to taking salmon on the fly.

Thanks, Todd, Dale, and Ben!  Wonderful time making a special memory with you.

Captain Tom Kuieck