It sure feels good to be let out of the office! That was the sentiment for all of us today. Dan, Denny, Jay & Tom from Fabri-Tech joined Steve and me on the Manistee today. They were all glad to get out of the office as well as I was. With things as final as we can get them for the Lodge I finally get to spend some extended time on the water. It was quite the competition today, but Dan had the hot hand today with all of the guys having success when He didn’t have the water tied up.

The fish this year are in the best shape in years, big, strong and fast. We have been fishing 10 weight rods and on some of the bigger fish we are having all we can do to bring them to the boat. These fish are aggressive and are very partial to small caddis larva. Thanks for the great day guys and I hope you don’t have to work too many Saturdays to make up for it.

Capt. Dave DeVries

Capt. Steve Kuieck