Bill “Bubba” Smith and His buddies Chad, Mike, Pete & Rich Joined Steve and Me for the first portion of their annual cast & blast weekend. While the water dropped and the temps rose we were pleasantly surprised to find the weekend traffic very light and manageable. We were able to go with our “plan A” and all the guys were rewarded with some very nice fish. The most productive offerings in my boat today where green caddis, antron bugs & headbanger hex’s. The fish currently in the system have all been highly educated and are becoming stressed by the still warm water temps and fishing pressure. We could really use some cooler weather to get the water temps down and bring in a new push of fish. Small numbers of fish continue to work gravel during the overnight and early morning hours, however, the majority of action continues to be in the pools and runs. Until the water temps drop, dark water is going to be the name of the game.

Dave & Steve