So what do RiverQuest guides do when they have a day off?  They go fly fishing, of course!  Usually, my fellow guide and bud, Captain Don Graham is my fly fishing partner, but since he was unable to join me, I soloed for a couple of mornings.  Needless to say, it’s tough enough to land Chinook salmon on a fly rod but to put them in the net when alone, adds another dimension to the equation.  The fish cooperated with double digit hookups and I even managed to put some in the net!  Every fish I brought to net were mouth hooked on nuke eggs and clown egg flies.  Just goes to show how salmon and trout will take flies when happy and not terrorized.

Fly fishing is contemplative by its very nature, and as I cast and drifted the flies, I found myself reflecting on how fortunate we are to enjoy the terrific fishing resources we have here in western Michigan.  All the more reason to respect it and care for it by practicing “Catch and Release”and do all one can to use the resource responsibly.  I’m thankful that Captains Steve, Dave, and Don do just that, making working with them a most gratifying experience.

Pictured below are samples of fish I took over the last two days:  a skipper steelhead, coho salmon, and, of course, Chinook salmon. Great times on the water.  How blessed we are to not only enjoy our fisheries ourselves, but to share it with others.

Captain Tom Kuieck