Sheesh!  What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, the weather was gold standard; today it felt like the opening for “Forty Days & Forty Nights!”  As the photo of Doug holding one of the salmon he and Tom hooked today shows, the heavens unloaded buckets of the wet stuff.  Interestingly, we thought the salmon would be more active, more aggressive in the rain and gloom than yesterday under the brightest of skies.  To be sure, salmon moved up the river all day, but it was much tougher today to get them to actually move to take the fly, though the guys were rewarded with action throughout the day.  Tom’s last fish, a hen, was so hot he was into his backing before I could get the motor started and anchor pulled.  Even the trout were more subdued, though the fourteen inch brown below liked the looks of a Schmidt Stone Fly. By noon, the torrent subsided, just in time for lunch, which I must say tasted especially good since we were finally dry!

Thanks Doug and Tom for a great time.  Keep living life to the fullest.  After hanging out with you guys for two days, turning 80 (which is not eminent for yours truly despite what I am sure are RVRQST guides’ rumors to the contrary) looks like a good deal to me.

Captain Tom Kuieck