Another bluebird day on the Manistee with very few fish in evidence!  Were it not for some love from fellow gentleman guide Chuck Scribner, today could have been a long, frustrating day.  Salmon remain in good numbers in the lower river with precious few in the upper reaches.

Ron and long-time buddy Jim joined me for their first king salmon fly fishing trip.  After a morning of searching and searching and searching, we finally were able to get on some fish, thanks to Chuck!  Soon, both Ron and Jim were fast to surging salmon.  The speed and power of the fish caught both by surprise, which, of course, is completely understandable.  Both guys boated kings, though, and agreed that, as I had told them earlier, success later in the day erases memories of a no-fish morning.

So, it was a great day on the water:  lots of sun, laughs, tight lines, and good times all around.  Pictured top to bottom are Ron and Jim.

Thanks, Ron and Jim!  It was a pleasure hosting you today!

Captain Tom Kuieck