Today was a very special day. I had the privilege of hosting David Murdoch and his friend Kirk. David is doing his farewell to Michigan tour. He has taken a position in Anchorage, AK and leaves Michigan in a few short days. One of the things he wanted to accomplish was landing a nice summer run Steelie, something he had never done.

The St. Joe is fishing a bit harder than it did last week after the cool wet weekend. We knew it was going to be tough fishing, we tried everything from indies to swinging spey flies with very spotty strikes but the boys worked hard and David finally managed to complete the deal with the nice fish pictured below. He will remember this fish fondly, especially on the wet ride home. You see, David had no waders but sacrificed his clothes and risked a good case of poison Ivy to coax this fish from one of the spring creeks.

Congrats David on your fish and the best of luck in Alaska. Kirk, I hope to see you back out again soon.

Capt. Dave DeVries