8/14/09 – St. Joseph River

Well it felt really good to be out on the water today. It has been a long summer in the office working on the paperwork & all the details of the new lodge. Today was the day we officially took possession and to celebrate, Captains Steve & Don joined me on the St. Joe to host Lee Greewhich and his fishing buddies Bob, John, Ramsey, Paul & Todd. The guys drove over from the Chicagoland area to join us in chasing some summer run’s.

It was the perfect day for fishing the “Joe” warm sunny day and a nice breeze to keep it comfortable. Despite the wild fluctuations in water level (No joke, at the end of the day I parked my boat at the landing to off my gear and within 30 minutes my boat was totally dry docked. An hour later it was floating in a foot of water.) All the boats had successful days. The big prize goes to Lee, who should have played the lottery today, as it didn’t matter where you put him or what he threw he caught fish. Pictured are a sampling of the fish from today.

Don’t forget September is almost upon us, which means Salmon Fishing, we still have plenty of prime time openings so give us a call we would love to get you out on the water!

Capt. Dave DeVries

Capt. Don Graham

Capt. Steve Kuieck