Big wind off Superior kept it rockin’ on the St. Mary’s River today with 3+ foot waves and spray; this of course bringing a bounty (it was sick) to the smiling guests. Dr. Scott Smith and Bob Linsenman of the       Au Sable Angler joined me today for what would be a very remarkable day on the water. Small caddis and nymphs provided all of the action today though I did through several streamer patterns to the “surf” cruising salmon to no avail. While most of the Atlantics today were in the 3-7lb. class Bob was treated to an exceptional salmon that was 10-12lbs. Whitefish are becoming much more active as the insect flow kicks in to 3rd gear. If there are any of you readers that are interested in filling a couple holes in my schedule please let me know; I have next week Thursday the 23rd open. Pictured is Bob (top) and Scott (lower).

Capt. Steven Kuieck