picture credit Steelcase 2008


Sorry for the delay on reports….very busy with a project! I spent last night fishing with the company of Norman Barkley and his son Bill Barkley. Some of you outdoor adventurists may recognize Bill’s name; Bill- a marketing director for Steelcase travels the country speaking about his battles loosing his sight and hearing. Born with Usher syndrome, an inherited condition that causes progressive hearing and vision lossBill will not let him self be taken from the outdoors! Bill recently traveled to Africa and along with his instructors successfully completed a climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This amazing story was captured on film by Outside Magazines Adventure Productions with Micheal Brown.

I was initially a bit concerned as to how I was going to handle and instruct a person who was unable to see or hear a rising trout. None the less I thought it would be a good experience. Bill was able to not only fish but catch a few respectable rainbows on dry flies- had mother nature only given us a bit more temperature I am sure that Bill would have been able to find a few more fish. The entire time Bill was in my boat he kept saying how peaceful it was to be on the water- I think I will have to remember more often how lucky I am to be be able to call the Muskegon River my home. Bill was a true pleasure to have in my boat for the evening and I hope to be able to share another great day outside with him in the future.

Tight lines,

Captain Steven Kuieck