Gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon and evening on the Muskegon with bud and fellow RiverQuest guide, Captain Don Graham! Once again, the most senior of RiverQuest’s cadre of senior guides…, proved his preeminence.  Though it was close, Don smoked me once again.  Of course, Don has an advantage fishing his innovative creations from the tying vise—creations that took top billing per usual.  Smaller streamer patterns and caddis dry flies produced best for us, though Isonychias and grey drakes showed themselves in a number of locations.  The drake swarm was particularly heavy.  Pictured are two of Don’s trout, both of which, like the all the fish we took, were in excellent condition: strong, fast, and well-colored.

Don and I reflected once again how blessed we in western Michigan are to enjoy a national quality fly fishing resource as extraordinary as the the Muskegon so close to our homes.  The beauty and bounty of the Muskegon during a late spring evening satisfies and pleases like little else.  For Don and me, the times we share on evenings such as this are truly meaningful and memorable.

Captain Tom Kuieck