I spent three days with two fun guys, Mike and Steve. Both are good anglers and were willing to adapt to whatever means were necessary to get into fish. We fished it all streamers, nymphs, and dries. Catching fish on all three techniques. Nymph fishing accounted for the majority of the fish caught and they were able to get a good number of hold-overs in the boat. Caddis are beginning to show up quite regularly in the afternoon and fish are starting to respond to them. Green caddis(#18) are the predominate species that is hatching. Always remember that on a good caddis fishery like the MO fish will feed on the emerging pupae most regular. Carry both floating pupae and unweighted pupae. Also, don’t be shy in giving your pupae patterns some movement slightly before it reaches a targeted fish. Caddis are very active emergers, you have to imitate the fly as well as its movement to consistently catch caddis eating fish; especially the bigger ones.

Jay Allen -guide