Per Steve’s post of today, the day did start out cold—both in temperature and the bite. Ben and his guest Tim threw white, olive, and yellow streamers—all to no avail. The only fly the trout wanted at all was the “Trick-or-Treat” fly Steve mentioned. Whether it’s a crayfish or sculpin imitation, who knows? It’s a great fly and on a tough bite day like today; it at least put fish in the net. Ben, who last Spring who brought an eight pound brown into my boat, had another shot at a very good brown. In fact, he had two shots: on consecutive casts, Ben hooked the same trout and had him on long enough for us to get a good glimpse of him. I said, 15-20 inches. Ben shot back: “At least 25!” Even went so far as to describe the hooked jaw on his fish-zilla. Whatever, the brown’s size, Ben will be talking to himself for some time over not closing the deal on that fish! Nonetheless, we had a great time: a pretty, but cool day, with zilch fishing pressure on the river. Beautiful! Plus, the special bonus was the chance to witness sturgeon spawning. We saw four; Steve and his party saw six, with one 6-8 feet long. Amazing! Pictured are a couple of the trout we netted—one a rainbow and the other a brown.