It’s streamer time on the Muskegon, so today River Quest guide Don Graham and I took advantage of a cool but beautiful day to probe for big trout. Although yours truly managed to hook lesser fish, leave it to Captain Graham to bring the special fish of the day, if not season, to net. My photos simply don’t do this brown trout justice, Broad shouldered, perfectly proportioned, extraordinarily well conditioned, and just plain fat, the resident male brown trout bent Don’s 8 weight rod to the point that, after a protracted fight that seemed to go on and on, both of us began questioning what in the heck he had hooked. Don called it, though, saying that the way the fish stayed deep, refusing to come to the surface, and pretty much having its way all the while, the fish had to be a big brown. And, indeed, it was. Golden with iredescent blue/purple highlights and those huge red spots, it was a trophy, river brown trout. We both were so thrilled that we not only totally blew measuring the fish, but we forgot to weigh him as well! Who says guides don’t get jacked over big fish! No guide jive here: the brown surely was in the 6-7 lb. class. In short, he was one amazing specimen, which now swims free! Congrats, Don! Here’s hoping our clients can track down more like this one in the weeks ahead.