Well, it’s kind of a fishing report…

And so, wife Judy’s and my 44th wedding anniversary (today) began—a cruise and lunch down the mighty MO.


And, then…dinner served at the Muskegon River Lodge, our get-away for the event, with the incomparable Chef Heather Allen.

Appetizer:  Spinach artichoke dip;

Vegetable:  Grilled asparagus wrapped in bacaon

Salad: assorted greens, goat cheese; balsamic vinegarete dressing, topped with candied pecans

Main course:  Smoked Cornish hen stuffed with wild mushrooms and rice; Braised beef ribs, seared and slow cooked in a wine reduction topped and with baked baby onions and horseradish garnish

Dessert:  Chocolate and caramel cake topped with candied pecans; baked apple cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream

A post dinner chill-out on the deck overlooking the river.

A walk back up to the Lodge…

And, of course…

“Hey, honey.  I’m just going down to the river to check things out while you read.”

“What things?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.  You know, bugs and stuff.”

“Oh, well, have a good time!”

A half dozen casts later during a fantastic grey drake emergence, and…drum roll please…there he was, fat and sassy rising to take my grey drake dry.  Wonderful day!  Extraordinary meal!  Amazing river! Awesome place, the Muskegon River Lodge!

Trout released and now believe it:  I left the drakes and rising trout, packed the rod, and returned to the lady I love.  Here’s to you, Judy:  Happy Anniversary!

Captain Tom Kuieck