Captain Don Graham and I spent a delightful day stripping streamers and literally boating more trout than we could count. Most were plants of this year, to be sure, but many ran 8-10″ in size. Toss in some carry-over trout from last year, and you have the makings of some excellent fly fishing. With the water up from lower levels and colored just a bit, along with the low light conditions the clouds overhead caused, the trout were eager and cooperative all day. Smolt-imitating flies and Trick or Treats were our best patterns. Kudos to Greg Gilbert of Manistee River fame, whose silver smolt pattern really turned the fish on for me. Thanks, Greg! Don’s custom ties continue to shine, as well. Pictured are three of the 14″ plus fish we took. The fish are superbly conditioned and with the increased flow, put a major bend in the six and eight weight rods we fished today. Both 200 and 300 grain sinktips produced. All in all, great trout fishing is happening right now on the Muskegon, and with warmer weather and hatches, dry fishing should be tremendous. Can’t wait!

Captain Tom Kuieck