With the river dropping and clearing, the trout went on the feed today as RiverQuest guide Don Graham and I enjoyed a day on the river.  We fished streamers on 300 grain sinktips with success all day, and closed it out by taking a crack at some late spawning steelhead, but with no success, I’m afraid.  The majority of the trout we took were browns with some carryover rainbows as well.  Some nymphing activity happened around lunch time, but few trout rose, a bit to our surprise.  The water is warming, though, and from the spirited contests we enjoyed with the trout, it’s evident their their metabolism is revving up, even as more mayflies and caddis are surely ready to pop.  The trout are well conditioned and chunky, as the brown I’m holding demonstrates.  Then, too, Baltimore Orioles, herons and more herons, wood ducks, a mink, a racoon, sundry hawks, woodpeckers, and songbirds of various types and sizes graced what proved a perfect spring day on the Muskegon.  The takeaway?  Do spend some time on the river during this most enjoyable time of the year; you’ll be glad—like us—that you did.

Captain Tom Kuieck