Brrrr! That “word” sums up the day. I was talking with a fellow guide at the end of the day and we decided that it was a miracle that we have not all caught our death of something with the up and down temps and changing weather patterns. Despite the weather we had a great day on the water today. Dick & Tim drove over from the Chicagoland area to fish with me today. The day started out very well as we found a very productive pool that was out of the wind, it wasn’t long until we had our first fish of the day in the net. Dick & Tim continued to “get it done” throughout the morning. The beautiful fish pictured (Dick above & Tim below) are a couple pics of  their fish. The fish were keyed in on small stones and cross-dressers today, the only thing we could get interested in an egg pattern was an errant walleye. After lunch we seemed to have lost our mojo, as we still managed to hook a few fish but struggled in the landing area. All in all it turned out to be a great day on the water with a couple of great guys, I hope to have the opportunity to fish with again.