The graph above pretty much says it all…The river is smoked!

Earlier today we checked in with Jay, who was braving a trip, to check on the river conditions. He informed us they had made the decision to quit for the day when they saw a picnic table near where they were fishing float off down the river. Later in the day Steve and I got a call that Consumers was going to release a large quantity of water and were warning people to get their boats out of the water. When we got there to pull our boats, it was quite the sight. Those of you who have been to the lodge will recognize the rock at the base of the steps, usually quite a distance from the waters edge.

Needless to say navigating the river is currently not a good idea. as we drove down to the launch we noticed multiple new trees in the water. Please stay off the water! NOAA is predicting the crest sometime on Friday with the river returning to fiahable levels by the middle of next week. It will be interesting to see what new obsticles have arrived once the water receeds.

Please feel free to stop with the rain dances

Capt. Dave DeVries