This is not a normal year!

The Hollobaugh group joined Dave, Jay, and I for the last couple days. On a normal year these dates would have been as close to 100% certainty in the world of fly fishing for steelhead. This year however mother-natures fast track through spring handed off a much different set of cards. Hunting down the slimming number of steelhead is becoming more difficult each day. All of the guys the last two days took to the challenge with a smile and in the end posed some steelhead for their guide’s cameras.

While we certainly will encounter opportunities for steelhead over the next couple weeks, the majority of our focus will now shift towards trout over the coming days.

The past couple days on the river has found us lugging nearly every type of gear we own. Spey gear and Spey flies for drop-backs, 7wts for stripping streamers, 5wts for afternoon dry-fly fishing, and 4wts for soft-water nymphing are all providing good opportunities for our fisherman. Bring it all, you’ll be happy you did! Pictured are Mark and Pat with their first steelhead.

Capt. Steven Kuieck