I Had the extreme pleasure of fishing the past couple of days with Don Stephens, Founder and President of Mercy Ships. He was in town to share his vision of caring for the needy in third world countries with Rio, Rick, Andy and Alex from Avalon Labs. Also Joining the team was Dr. Jamie Foote and Doug Pearson. Don has an amazing vision and passion and it was a joy to see and hear him communicate that to the group. I would recommend reading his book, “Ships of Mercy” or at least checking out Mercy Ship’s web site at www.mercyships.org

We did manage to find some time for fishing with Capt. Steve Kuieck and Steve Janicek covering the other boats. We all stayed in the lower sections away from the weekend crowds and a great time was had by all. In my boat Jamie had the trout end covered with a really nice Rainbow and the Brown pictured. Don had the steelhead covered. Ever the compassionate man he thought he should experience what a fish goes through and hooked himself (The blood in the picture is his, not the fish’s). Thanks to all those involed in making this weekend happen, and a special thank you to Don Stephens for making time in his busy schedule to come up from Texas to share Mercy Ships with us.

Captain Dave DeVries