As a guide, one is impressed by any number of things from clients:  character, knowledge, skill level, passion for the outdoors, love of our fly fishing sport to mention a few.  But today, I was impressed by a young man named David, a fifth grader, who despite being so sick I needed to take him back to the landing and the “infirmary” three times, he kept coming back to the river for more fly fishing!  Recipients of a gift certificate bought by wife and mom, Barb, Kevin and son David were real troopers on a day when the wind blew hard enough even to test the most experienced casters.  Both Kevin and David landed their first steelhead and their first steelhead on flies.  David deserved better from his guide:  when Dad passed the Boga grip with David’s seven pound buck on it to me, the lanyard slipped from my hand and bye-bye steelhead.  I felt sick for David:  his first steelie and no photo!  Ugh!  David, you sucked it up and were strong and gracious about my mess up.  I hope I can make it up to you someday, David!  Best wishes for continued success with your fly fishing!  Just remember, your steelhead was larger than Dad’s and that you got him on an Antron Hex fly!

Captain Tom Kuieck