What an April we are experiencing (or should I say, enduring?)!  Temps in the 30’s, high water, blustery winds, snow, sleet, rain—you name it, we had it again today.  Fortunately, Don and I hit the landing before the worst of it descended on us.  Our goal today:  pre-fish for our trips tomorrow to get acquainted with chrome following the weekend.  With the water stained and high, experience with the river is invaluable since the easy “Spot ’em and cast” approach is tough in these conditions.  The steelhead are there, though, and the weather, of course, was right up their alley.  We hooked and landed a good number of steelhead with Don jumping a really special buck and my losing a fish that we chased a long way downstream, only to have it wrap me up.  Pictured is one of our newer arrivals, her having not yet spawned.  Here’s hoping more like her are on the way!

Captain Tom Kuieck