Fellow educational colleague Bob and his good bud, Ron, chased steelhead with me today.  Ron, a leader in West Michigan Trout Unlimited circles and a commercial bamboo fly rod maker, has become a dear friend of mine, as, of course, is Bob.  The easy fishing is fast disappearing as the water drops and clears, the trout finish their spawning, and educational levels near post graduate.  Nevertheless, the guys hooked stealhead throughout the day, with the olive sparrow leading the way.  Our landing percentage left a bit to be desired, however; lip-hooked fish seemed to have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card as one after another, the flies ensconced in their chompers would inexplicably come free.  Bob and Ron were great, though; experienced fly guys that they are, they’ve learned to take what the river gives them and be thankful for it—even premature release after premature release.  All in all, a delightful day with two great guys for which I am most grateful.  Bob holds an early morning drop-back hen.

Captain Tom Kuieck