Gorgeous day with two great guys:  our website developer Kevin and his friend Jack.  Kevin traveled from Chicago to bring his boyhood pal Jack to his beloved Muskegon River.  With bright skies and cold night temps, the bite was tough, but when the fishgods smiled for a few moments, Kevin delivered. His hen pulled a solid ten pounds on the Boga and gave Kevin all the fight he could have wanted and more.  Jack had his chances, but it was Kevin’s day to shine.  Friendship is a special thing, and the relationship these two guys have, reaching back through the years, runs deep.

Thanks Kevin for all you do for RiverQuest.  Your website design skills are manifest for all to see and enjoy, and your loyalty to RiverQuest and the Muskegon River Lodge is respected and deeply appreciated.  I enjoyed the day with you and Jack a ton and hope we can do it again soon.

Captain Tom Kuieck