Father/son trips are the greatest. Today, I was joined on the river by my good friend, Dan Holtrop and his son, Dirk. Dirk is excelling in his studies at Hudsonville High School, and dad thought, “What a better way to say your Mom and I respect your hard work—let’s go fly fishing!” Dirk had never fished the long rod before, let alone for steelhead, but he caught on quickly and started banging fish right away. Our landing percentage left a bit to be desired, but a couple of nice trout, an 11 lb. walleye, and then his first steelhead—a 7 pounder—put grin after grin on Dirk’s face. Dad has his moments with a number of hookups, but as they so often will, the chromers won the battles. No matter: Dad couldn’t have been prouder of his son who now has the witnessed distinction of having out-fished his dad! In short, a wonderful day on the Muskegon with two fine men.