Roger, his son Ross, and friend and business acquaintance, Rick, spent the day fly fishing the MO with C & D rigs and switch rods with fat lines and indicators.  The fish have seen it all by now; indeed, as my son Steve remarked to me at the end of the day, it’s the third week of April on the third of April.  That’s the way the river is fishing.  Find a pod, and it’s a great day.  Seek and not find, and it’s a day of searching known and little known haunts.  We were fortunate, though, to fish to steelhead all day with action throughout the day.  Small, pale egg flies, and olive Sparrows made their mark.  For Roger who owns a cabin in Idaho on the Salmon River and for Ross, it was a day to compare steelhead, there and here.  Both are fired up to take indicator fishing with flies back to Idaho.  For Rick and me, it was old home week; Rick was one of my earlier clients when I began guiding, and he is the guy who put our family onto the hunting land in Van Buren County where we spend so many happy hours.  I had no idea Roger and Rick were buds, so when I heard Rick was coming, I knew it was going to be a great day catching up and ribbing one another.  And so it was;  first steelhead on a fly rod for Roger and a buster buck for Rick on the long rod.

Thanks guys for a great day. Pictured are Roger, Rick, and Ross.

Captain Tom Kuieck