I was joined today by The Shilton Boys from Grand Rapids. After a harrowing drive to the river after last nights return to winter, we enjoyed a beautiful day on the river. Traffic was light and with the early cloud cover we managed to hook a nice steelhead prior to the clearing skies. (sorry no photo, my camera must be related to Steve’s) The fly of choice was a pale clown egg. The mid section of the river is flowing well with good color, but try as we might we could not get another player until early afternoon. The good news of the day is the harbingers of the spring steelhead season have arrived. After lunch while fishing some of the usual pools we began boating numerous walleye, not exactly the target species, however, after putting in the hours chasing chrome all day it was good to get some action. We did get some Steelhead action during a brief stone fly hatch but unfortunately nothing to hand. The next week should show considerable improvement as the fish are staging nicely.