I am getting a complex!! I have a large slice of “humble pie” on my dinner place this evening. Dr. David Menapace joined me today for a chilly but pretty day on the MO’. We started with the classic C&D and promptly lost a beauty on a clown egg and dropper rig. The majority of the day was slow by all accounts of the fellows along the way today. This afternoon I brought Dr. Menapace into the world of the “swing” for steelhead. This technique was quickly learned and we were on our way. Dr. Menapace was treated to one big pull that again fell short. I would love to say that it was the clients fault but Dr. Menapace by no means “missed” on his end of the duties. The chrome has gotten the best of us for two days in a row-

Numbers of fish in the system are good and the opportunity for success is exponentially better than last fall. As with all things-this bad mojo will pass…….until Monday?

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck