Scott Misaad and his father-in-law Sandy joined me today on the Muskegon. With more of the same in the way of sunny skies I expected today to be like the last few days on the water. I was pleasantly surprised to find the steelhead today ready to play!

With the popularity of “swinging” flies or maybe a push to get back to “real” fly fishing I have made it a point to provide my guests with the opportunity to swing for chrome each and everyday before resorting back to the standby C&D techniques.

Both Scott and Sandy excelled in the morning with their newly found spey fishing game; only to have a few arrant casts that provided me an opportunity to work on my surgical skills (sorry Sandy- I could not resist!). Today much like yesterday the bite came with a bit of patients to wait until the very end of the drift. One fish this morning however crushed the fly in mid swing. Numbers of steelhead seem to improve daily and with :”real” weather in the future forecast I would expect this trend to continue.

If you have any interest in getting on the water to learn about “swinging” for steelhead or just to wet a line please give us a call.

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck