Ron and Bob, neighbors and best friends, joined me for a day on the Muskgon fly fishing for Kings.  Although fishing was more challenging today than yesterday, the guys hooked fish throughout the day.  Once again, chartreuse caddis and steelhead orange/chartreuse nuke eggs were our best flies.  Salmon continue to move up the Muskegon, as we witnessed throughout the day.  The river level, though, is skinny, moving fish off shallower beds onto deeper ones and into runs, glides, and pools—at least during the brightest portions of the day.  Lost at the boat was the largest Chinook I’ve seen in years on the Muskegon.  Hooked and brought to the boat by Bob, the fish rivaled some of the larger Chinook our clients have taken on the Manistee this year.  Surely, it would have gone twenty pounds, maybe twenty-two, maybe even more. We hated to lose it, but what a great sign for the Muskegon!  Here’s hoping more are to come.

Thanks, Ron and Bob!  I value your friendship and support more than you can know!  It was a great day all ’round.

Captain Tom Kuieck