Finally some much needed rain in the Muskegon River watershed yesterday. The down hill weather roller coaster is knocking on our door- snow showers and high winds are poised to make there way into West Michigan late tomorrow through Tuesday morning. Steelhead fishing should dramatically improve with the new water; it will be interesting to see if we ever get a decent push of salmon. I do expect to see spawning salmon through the end of November this year- this will make the targeted steelhead all the more interested in egg patterns. Swinging flies will be most productive as the water stays in  forties and fifties.

Sorry, for the lack of pictures lately; Jack Davis and his friend Janice of Oklehoma have been with us for the past week and through half of next. We have been fishing the lower MO’ and the upper Man’. Fishing on the Man’ has been very good with fresh kings and plentiful chrome- I need a new camera!!!

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck