10/12 & 10/13/10

For the last two days, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of hosting Rusty McKay and his friend and newcomer to Michigan fly fishing, David.  Rusty, the leader of what we at RiverQuest have come to know the McKay Group, brought seven of his friends, colleagues, and fishing buddies to the Muskegon for three days of salmon fly fishing.  It’s an annual affair, and this year the guys are once again having a superb time.  The weather has been terrific (excepting a brief thunder shower this morning that had us diving for cover).  The fish cooperated, and it has been an absolutely delightful time for us guides as we shared the Muskegon and its fall fishing.  Rusty and David fished both C&D and indicators with fat lines on switch rods.  For David, both methods were new to him, but he was a determined learner and soon was effectively fishing both rigs.  A bonus was the beautiful 16″ resident rainbow  trout that smacked Dave’s chartreuse nuke egg.  Pictured top to bottom are Rusty and David.

Thanks much, guys.  Looking forward to some tight lines tomorrow as  you and group fly fish with us on your last day on the Muskegon.

Captain Tom Kuieck