Great times on the Muskegon! My daughter Julie had long ago put in a request for me to take her; her fellow nursing student, Laura; and urban church startup friend, Chad. So off we went—guide and three young people for whom fly fishing for kings was an entirely new experience. They all did great: Julie was our casting champ, Laura our fish hooking leader, and Chad a most patient and classy guy who gave the ladies first and best shot at the fish. Action was lively in the morning with good numbers of fish hooked and some especially large kings brought to the boat only to see us fail to close the deal on most. Repeatedly, low water also spelled trouble on tippets the fish raked over gravel shoals. Then, too, bright sunlight and low water along with strong wind gusts made the post lunch fishing challenging. Chad, though, had a good shot on the final fish of the day, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, we had a fabulous time. Dad grilled the steaks, and the girls favored us with pasta salads, desserts, and other goodies. In short, we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  I was honored to share the wonderful resource that the Muskegon is with Julie and her friends. Pictured below are the three buddies: Julie, Chad, and Laura—and Julie and Laura with yours truly with a hen Julie brought to hand. Thanks, guys, for making today such a special memory for me.

Tom Kuieck