Fred, Dave, and I hosted the team from Family Christian Bookstores and Blackstone Financial for an abbreviated midday float for Chinook salmon. The guys flew in from New York, Ohio, and Georgia so we started later in the day. I had Dave, David, and Cliff in my boat, and soon we were into kings. Dave had fly fished before, and he quickly his skills to work by putting a big bend in the Spey rod, only to land a nice 12 lb. hen. David persisted in getting his casting and line management down and was rewarded with two bright hens in the boat. I was really happy for David since as a New York City guy, the entire Muskegon River scene and fly fishing was a revelation to him. Cliff had his shot, but some slack in the line resulted in the dreaded “premature release.” No matter, the guys had a great time as did the fellows in Fred and Dave’s boats. As Steve noted, the fish are just starting to show up in better numbers. Water is clear and low, so one must approach fish carefully and stay well back lest they spook. The Antron Hex was our best fly today. Thanks, guys! We at River Quest had a great time with you and hope we can do it again.

Tom Kuieck