Dr. Mary Yurko and  her husband Mark Gurney along with Stacey Maas joined Don and I today on the Muskegon River. Another peaceful day was had as we roll cast to targeted Chinook. Stacey was rewarded mid-morning with my first steelhead of the season on the Muskegon; for a three pounder – it fought like a big boy! Dr. Yurko is pictured with an early morning salmon as the fog burned off. Mark is pictured with a dark female Chinook and a beautifully colored river rainbow. Green caddis and oregon cheese eggs produced for our boat today.

Both Mark and Mary were recently in Scotland and did some spey fishing in the “old country”. Apperently they “old country” had not received the memo on modern spey lines- skagit is so easy they stated!

Tight lines,

Capt. Steven Kuieck