Today was special because I had the privilege of hosting Dave, who was the high bidder on a float trip River Quest donated to the Grand Rapids, Michigan organization, Adoption Associates.  A Christian adoption service, Adoption Associates connects families seeking a child with mothers who, while having chosen to deliver their children, are unable to provide an appropriate home environment for them.  The trip was also special because after leading his very successful western Michigan company throughout his adult life, Dave will soon be retiring.  In that respect, then, the trip was a sort of kickoff for a life Dave hopes will bring time for fishing, golf, and other recreational and service activities.  Dave brought his friend and neighbor Gary, who some two decades ago, fished the lower Manistee for steelhead with plugs.  Neither Dave nor Gary had fly fished before so drifting flies over salmon was a new experience for them.

Fish numbers today were again up.  New fish moved up over night so getting on brighter fish with their attendant energy and explosiveness was easier than in recent days.  Our best fly today was a chartreuse nuke egg.  Pictured are Gary and Dan along with yours truly with some of the fish we took today.  Thanks, guys, for a great time and thanks, Dan, for your generosity in supporting Adoption Associates.

Tom Kuieck