You know it’s going to be a great day when your client (in this case, friend) presents you with a jar of her “Mary’s Berries,” a jam so renowned  that securing a container is little short of a major coup!  Mary and Jim celebrated their anniversary fly fishing with me today, this time on the Muskegon, whereas just a couple of weeks ago they fished with me on the Manistee. Both times, the atmospherics were spectacular—this time with the bonus of brilliant fall color.  The incredible weather we’ve enjoyed for a week, though, has to end soon; odds alone say it will, but also we need rain very badly.  As I write this, flow is 1040 CFS,—very close to the 2002 low of 981! As a result, shallow redd fish are skittish to the max so we sought out pools and deeper beds.  Best of all, however, Jim took his first steelhead ever—a fish that fairly slammed his Headbanger Hex (which also was our best fly on salmon like the one below).  Toss in some great conversation and laughs, and one had the makings of a most pleasant, productive, and memorable day.

Thank you, Mary and Jim! It’s a joy to fly fish you and count you both as friends.

Captain Tom Kuieck