Another most enjoyable day with father/son team, Ray and Kevin.  A chilly 31 degrees as we pushed off from the Muskegon River Lodge, the day dawned bright with wisps of fog rising from the river.  Apparently, the steelhead decided to sleep in because the early morning bite was nonexistent.  Later, as we floated downstream, a fellow steelhead addict gave us newfound hope as he reported that he had just hooked two fish, after a non-bite earlier.  Sure enough, we hadn’t settled into our new location for more than a few casts when Kevin evened the score with his dad with a steelhead that burned line as we gave chase.  Kevin played the fish masterfully;  I’m usually a “no palming” guide, but with Kevin’s bonefish experience, I let him palm away..  Hooked on a clown egg, the steelhead soon lay in the bottom of the boat, spent from Kevin’s skilled work on the rod.

Dad gave it his best shot, laying out long cast, after long cast, but the steelhead weren’t buying.  Nor could Kevin pick up another.  So, it was a “One for one” day.  We would have liked to have had more action, of course, but with virtually no boat traffic and warm rays of sunshine taking the edge off a  cool day, our time on the water was a delight.  The river is clearing; a few salmon are wrapping up their lovemaking; and a  few trees reflect the last color of the season.

Thanks, Kevin and Ray, for a great two days on the water.

Captain Tom Kuieck