“Some days are diamonds; some days are stones…”

A former beloved boss of mine would often so characterize his day at the office.  Well, today at my “office” certainly wasn’t stones. Brothers Devin and Brent, new to fly fishing, accepted the morning rains as a small price to pay for the diamonds they mined from the Muskegon today.  Whether it was the cloud cover, the rain, the whatever—the steelhead were happy and feeding.  Egg flies produced well, but leeches also accounted for multiple hook-ups.  As a former Big Blue troller myself, I had to chuckle when Devin exclaimed, “This is way more fun than sitting around waiting for a fish to bite!”  Indeed, it is, Devin.  As Will, one of my eleven year old clients yelled on Saturday as his eleven year-old buddy Caleb shoved his rod tip in the river and swung it around the bow to avert a bust-off, “This is really intense!”  Yes, so it is, Will.

Thanks, Devin and Brent for a great day.  You’ve joined the fly fishing fraternity enthusiastically, and we’re thrilled to welcome you!  Happy the fish gods smiled on you today!

Captain Tom Kuieck

Brent's first steelhead on a fly rod.
So fresh, were Big Blue salty, Devin's Steelhead would have had sea lice!
Given its color, I wonder when this steelhead entered the Muskegon?