When I learned that Dave and sons Ross and Ryan had some major coin on who would boat top weight, I realized that if the steelhead didn’t cooperate pretty quickly, it would be major salmon time.  We gave the chrome a good four hours, but as each cast returned untouched and the guys kept wistfully looking at some remarkably fresh Chinook, we agreed the salmon derby would commence after lunch.  River levels continued to rise through the day so we moved to some shallower redds and  turned to the switch rods with indicators, a method new to the guys.  Each guy received five casts and then had to turn the rod over to the next fisherman. Action was fast and furious, but when the buzzer sounded, Ryan claimed the gold.  The guys had a great time as I emceed the drama to the hilt.  In short, a blast for all.

Thanks Dave, Ross, and Ryan.  Best wishes on those UP whitetails, too!

Captain Tom Kuieck