Avid fishermen, John and Johnnie, joined me today because they found themselves wondering what all this fly fishing stuff is about.  Referred by long-time client Kevin, John and Johnnie spent the entire day alternating fishing one 11′ 3″ switch rod with indicator.  Both guys caught on to the casting, mending, and line management, and the fish gods gave us a hot hen and bunches of males intent on winning her favor.  So, the hookups came all day with the guys doing a great job bringing the salmon to hand.  As I told them, it was evident they had fought a good number of fish in their lifetimes because they knew when to take and give line and how to work the fish to enable netting.  With the river temperature continuing to drop, the salmon are intent on spawning, and surprising to me, were the numbers of fresher males that continued to show up throughout the day.  The guys finished the day totally pumped for fly fishing and determined to bring the long rods into their tackle arsenals.  Thanks for a superb day guys;  your enthusiasm for our fishery and fly fishing and the learning you manifested made for one terrific day for yours truly.  Hope we can do it again.

Captain Tom Kuieck