Major Chamber of Commerce day on the Manistee today; I doubt whether I’ll encounter a more perfect combination of weather, plentiful salmon, and happy fishermen.  Daybreak in light fog was a nearly holy moment.

Mark treated his father-in-law, Steve, an avid fisherman and hunter, to a fly fishing float trip as a retirement gift.  Steve is a Big Blue troller for whom fly fishing salmon was a new experience, but he proved one of the quickest studies I’ve had in my boat this year.  C & D?  A couple of casts—no problem.  Indicator on the switch rod?  Mending line a challenge but otherwise, no problem.  Mark, who had fished with me before also caught on to the indicator cast and mend.  All in all, a couple of very easy dates and great guys to boot.  Again, I count it a privilege to be a part of what surely will be a special memory for Steve and Mark.

Most salmon are now on gravel or staging below it.  Some brights frequent the pools, but they, too, are on the move.  Some Coho continue to show up, today by periodically going airborne in the early morning light.  Best flies again were the steelhead orange nuke egg and STS Bugger.

Thanks guys for a terrific day.  Do hope we can do it again soon.

Captain Tom Kuieck